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Crittenton Girls Advocate to End Sexual Harassment

 At the 2018 Leadership Summit, Crittenton Ambassadors chose 'End Sexual Harassment' as the main issue to present to the adults at the High Tea. Crittenton Ambassador, Chontel explained why the girls chose to advocate for this issue. “We need to put an end to sexual harassment. This has become so common that girls are scared to speak out. People need to know that just because we wear a certain type of clothing or look a type of way, doesn’t mean we can be touched or disrespected.”  

Ijeoma, another Crittenton teen, shared a call to action for teens and adults alike. “In our schools, we want more funding to raise awareness about the sexual harassment girls experience every day. There should be more trained professionals who can help us and not judge us. We also want more programs like SNEAKERS in our schools. And we want stricter consequences for students who harass other students.”
During the Leadership Summit, Crittenton girls designed a logo that highlights the keywords they want to express in their advocacy campaign. "Hands Off! My Outfit is Not an Invitation" sends the message that a girls' choice of clothing is not meant to invite inappropriate touching by anyone.  
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